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Make $450/day appearing in music videos in Ashburn

We are currently casting girls of all shapes and sizes to be in our music videos. We pay a flat day rate of $450 for 4 hours of work. You will be working amongst sonme of the top artists of today. You may be required to sign a non dislosure agreement and all cellphones and mobile devices are not allowed on set. If this is ok with you, please fill in this form and we will be contacting you shortly.

Note: We are only currently casting models 18 years or older at this time.

About Music Video Modeling LLC

Founded by Daryl Jones in 2003, Music Video Modeling has become a powerhouse for supplying talent for music videos. We are the number 1 stop for all casting agents looking for unique faces. We have supplied talent for some of the biggest names in the music video industry.

Some of the biggest stars of the stage, film and television have made their mark in the world of music videos. If you have always dreamt of being a music video performer, this is the category for you. The music industry is always looking for fresh faces for videos. Famous music artists didnt get their name over night. They had to work hard to get where they are now. A lot of music artists started out in other artists music videos. Many performers dream to be along side their favorite artist in a video. This dream can be a reality. The good thing is that the steps to becoming a featured actor, back up dancer or extra in a music video are pretty simple.

We Find People Just Like You and get them in Music Videos

Kate S.

Scored a 3 day shoot and put over 1200 in my pocket! was an amazing weekend and the catered food was fantastic

Ashley K.

I've done over 11 videos in 2015, I even have a little bit of a fan base now on instagram lol.

Juliana P.

I loved working with {removed} I had been a fan of his forever and to appear in his music video as one of his sidechicks was incredible.

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